Teacher training and identity construction


Edna Maria Querido de Oliveira Chamon
Alexandra Magna Rodrigues
Patricia Diana Edith Belfort de Souza Camargo Ortiz Monteiro

Project title

Teacher training and identity construction


The project seeks to study the process of identity construction of trainers, in its biographical and relational dimension. The studies cover both initial training and continuing training.

Theoretical foundations

The studies are based on the theories of professional identity and socialization and on the theory of social representations., from the perspective of social psychology.


Fieldwork focuses on students preparing for teaching (Initial formation) and/or teachers in continuing education. Research uses quantitative and qualitative approaches, with emphasis on the use of
questionnaires and scales for quantitative assessments (treated by statistical techniques), and journaling techniques, life stories and interviews for qualitative data collection (with treatment through content analysis). the treatment of
data uses computational tools (ALCESTE, IRaMuTeQ, SPHINX, SPSS).

Suggestions of themes related to the project that can be developed

• Field education: studies related to teaching in rural and urban areas
• Early childhood education and identity construction of teachers and managers
• Studies related to the Social Representations of teachers and managers
• Social representations of the profession by trainers
• Social representations of professional choice
• Social Representations of Stress and quality of life in the teaching profession
• Social Representations of health/food for teachers
• Professional identity of trainers in full-time education
• Teacher Training for Rural Education
• Teacher Training and Environment
• Environmental education
• Social Representation, Media and Environment

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