Identity and Professionality


Marcia Maria Dias Reis Pacheco

Project title

Identity and Professionality


Investigate and analyze the constitution of professional knowledge

Theoretical foundations

The investigation will be based on studies on the constitution and development of professional identity and concepts of the Theory of Social Representations, considering the relationship between training and work – initial and continuing formation, from the perspective of Social Psychology and the Sociology of the professions.


Research can be developed through the integration of Qualitative and Quantitative approaches. Data collection to be carried out in investigations can be used as instruments: questionnaires , interviews, as well as to integrate other techniques of
collect. The data will be submitted to Content Analysis, and still, receive treatment from computational tools (ALCESTE and SPHINX).

Suggestions of themes related to the project that can be developed

• Teaching professional identity
• Teacher representations
• Training and teaching work situation
• Learning of teaching work
• Teaching knowledge and practices
• Continuing training of managers

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