THE Professional Masters in Education was approved by MEC / CAPES in the year 2013 as a note 4. The first class started in March 2014. In the four-year evaluation of 2016 the master also got the grade 4 by Capes.

The course aims to study and research teacher training for Basic Education, analyzing the teacher training itself, the public policies that influence this formation, the cognitive and learning processes that underlie it, pedagogical alternatives, methodological and technological support.

The MPE is a master'sin the strict sense with two years of duration during which the master's students must take courses in the program's concentration areas and prepare a dissertation to be defended before a panel of doctors in the area.


The Professional Master's in Education has the fundamental objective of training basic education teachers committed to overcoming educational problems in Brazil and prepared to adapt their educational practices to different socio-cultural realities, favoring the inclusion and learning of all students. Its specific objectives:

  • Promote knowledge about pedagogical theories and practices that provide support for the improvement of pedagogical strategies used in professional practice;
  • Train a teacher capable of relating the theories and practices studied to the diversity of students in order to promote an educational process that guarantees everyone's learning;
  • Offer knowledge about educational alternatives for educational intervention that seek adaptation to socio-cultural diversity, integrating students' experience and knowledge;
  • Foster dialogue and permanent exchange with Graduate Programs and research teams, nationals and internationals, as well as with government and civil society institutions working in the area of ​​teacher training for Basic Education.



The professional ex-MPE has theoretical and practical skills in the teaching-learning processes for Education, being qualified to work in this area of ​​knowledge. It will be a professional capable of articulating, in a joint and integrated way, interdisciplinary knowledge from the different areas that make up the program. It can act in different spheres of private organizations, public and non-governmental, with a view to training professionals focused on Education.

Coordination: prof. Dr. Juliana Marcondes Bussolotti

Deputy Coordinator: prof. Dr. Mariana de Souza Aranha

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