Teacher training and construction of professional knowledge


Neusa Banhara Ambrosetti
Ana Maria Gimenes Correa Calil
Virginia Mara Prospero da Cunha
Maria Teresa de Moura Ribeiro

Project title

Teacher training and construction of professional knowledge


– Understand the process of constitution of teachers' professional knowledge, e
the role of training actions in this construction.
– Analyze teacher training policies and actions, evaluating the implications of these
proposals in the professional development of those involved, as well as its impacts on
school practices.

Theoretical foundations

The studies are based on authors who have been discussing the formation of
teachers from the perspective of professional development, i.e., as a continuous process
that integrates the different training experiences throughout the teaching career. are discussed
issues relating to the nature of teaching work and professional knowledge
necessary for teaching performance, as well as the contributions of studies related to the
implementation of public policies and proposals for teacher training, and its impact
in the context of training practices and professional performance.


The methodology is supported by qualitative research approaches, privileging
ethnographic type studies and case studies. Among the instruments used, nessa
perspective, discussion groups are included, interviews and observation of school life.
This approach does not exclude the possibility of using quantitative methods, like the
survey type research, in order to contextualize and encompass a broader spectrum of
investigated phenomenon.

Suggestions of themes related to the project that can be developed

Estudos sobre os processos de construção do conhecimento profissional ao longo da
carreira e o papel das diferentes experiências formativas nessa construção;
Estudos sobre o ingresso profissional de professores, envolvendo os desafios do início da
carreira e as condições institucionais para o exercício da docência;
Investigação de políticas e práticas de formação de professores e seus impactos nas
práticas escolares;
Estudo de políticas e propostas bem sucedidas de formação docente;
Estudo da organização escolar, enquanto contexto de formação dos profissionais da

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