Research Groups

The Professional Master's in Education focuses on the area of ​​“Teacher Training for Basic Education”. This area of ​​concentration brings together research and work on teacher training and professionalization, from studies on the impact of educational policies and proposals on training to the analysis of educational practices in context. A privileged perspective of these studies is that of school inclusion, centered on the cognitive and learning processes of students and on the training and practices of teachers whose research is developed in the Research group entitled Education: professional development, diversity and methodologies.

Within that area, the research unfolds in two lines:

Inclusion and Sociocultural Diversity
The projects developed in this line include studies on guidelines, programs and / or proposals for inclusive education, focused on teacher training and practices for inclusive education; in the analysis and development of technological and pedagogical alternatives for educational intervention seeking adaptation to socio-cultural diversity; in history, in the development and specific processes of rural education; e, in the cognitive and learning processes of students. Research in this line is based on the theoretical contributions of Sociology and Educational Psychology. Empirical studies are characterized by a combination of techniques combining quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis instruments.

Teacher Training and Professional Development
It is intended to address issues related to the initial and continuing training of teachers, from studies on the profession and the constitution of the identity and professionality of teachers. Public policies and proposals for teacher training will be discussed; teaching methodologies and strategies; the production and use of teaching resources for teaching, including the use of new technologies. The investigation of these aspects will have the school institution, teaching practices and concrete teaching-learning situations in Basic Education as sources of study and reflection.



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