interdisciplinarity: fundamentals, practices and research


Mariana de Souza Aranha

Project title

interdisciplinarity: fundamentals, practices and research.


The project seeks to develop learning and research on Interdisciplinary in its foundations, Principles, methodological and practical procedures in Education and other Human Sciences.

Theoretical foundations

The studies are based on the theory of interdisciplinarity, in the epistemological dimensions, methodological and ontological; and in the theory of professional development, from the narratives and life stories, from the perspective of phenomenology.


Research uses quantitative and qualitative approaches, with emphasis on the use of questionnaires for quantitative assessments (treated by statistical techniques), and observation journaling techniques, life stories and interviews for qualitative data collection (with treatment through content analysis). Studies of a phenomenological nature are allowed, case studies, beyond action research.

Suggestions of themes related to the project that can be developed

• Fundamentals of Interdisciplinarity in Education and the Human Sciences.
• Educate in interdisciplinarity: studies on interdisciplinary practices in Basic Education (Child education, Elementary School, Medium), Youth and Adult Education and Higher Education in On-Site and Distance Learning.
• Assumptions for an interdisciplinary attitude: studies related to the interdisciplinary attitude in teacher education; in pedagogical practices and school management; and in professional practices.
• Professional Interdisciplinarity: studies on the professional constitution of teachers and other professionals – study of Life Stories, the difficulties arising from the professional trajectory and the dimension of the meaning that is attributed to the work that derives from it and that originates from it.
• Interdisciplinarity and Field Education: studies related to teaching in rural areas, articulated to interdisciplinary practices and the interdisciplinary attitude.
• Interdisciplinarity and Active Learning Methodologies.

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