Egress from MPE UNITAU has dissertation chosen as highlight in Brazilian Army event

The egress of MPE 2019-2020 Arlindo Jose de Barros Junior had his master's thesis chosen as a highlighted study within the scope of the Brazilian Army and must present his research at the 1st Seminar of Graduate Courses, carried out by Military in National Civil Educational Establishments, what will happen on the day 9 of November of the current year.

Together with your advisor, prof. Juliana Macondes Bussolotti, researched practical knowledge for teaching English at the Academia Militar das Agulhas Negras (SECURE) in Resende-RJ, based on the multiliteracies of the students of that institution, called cadets, and the specific knowledge of teachers for foreign language teaching.

The event in which graduates will present their research is organized by the Department of Education and Culture of the Army (DECEx) and visa, in addition to publicizing outstanding dissertations and theses, verify scientific productions with potential for use by the Army and strengthen the partnership with civil Educational Institutions with regard to academic-scientific research.

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Arlindo Jose de Barros Junior


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