PPGEDH participates in a roundtable at an international congress

Program coordinator also presented results of research funded by CNPq

O PPGEDH (Postgraduate Program in Education and Human Development) from Unitau participated, last week, gives 13a. CIRS edition (International Conference on Social Representations), held in Marseille, in France.

In this ocasion, the program coordinator, prof. Dr. Edna Maria Querido Oliveira Chamon, together with the professors Patrícia Ortiz and Letícia Costa and the master's student Daniela Araujo, were present at a roundtable held on the first day of the event, whose theme was “Risk and Social Representations”. The roundtable was also attended by Prof.. Dr. Gladis Camarini and doctoral student Karla Carvalho, both from Unicamp.

photo_2016-09-22_10-27-12opening the works, the teacher Edna, who coordinated the discussion, highlighted the importance of studies in this area, articulating the main aspects of the works that would be presented in the sequence.

Master student Daniela presented to those present a review of the available literature on Risk and Social Representations, demonstrating the relevance of research in this area.

Professors Patrícia and Letícia showed the preliminary results of a research they have been developing on Risk and Social Representations in the Brazilian press, having as a case study the collapse of the dam of the company Samarco, took place in November last year.

Unicamp doctoral student Karla reported a clipping of her doctoral research, in which it investigates the Social Representations of risk for employees of a steel company.

closing the table, the teacher. Dr. Gladis Camarini presented the results of a survey she is developing at Unicamp on risks in civil construction.

For teacher Edna Chamon, the meeting was a great opportunity to share knowledge, discover research from around the world, but, principally, design in the name of the University of Taubaté in the international context: "Today, more than ever, is charged to us, researchers, this interinstitutional exchange. Showing that our program is inserted in the construction of knowledge is fundamental to strengthen us as a University”, evaluates.

CNPq – Research funded by CNPq and conducted by Prof.. Dr. Edna Chamon was part of another working group at 13a. CIRS, which took place on the second day of the event. With the theme Rural Education and Social Representations, the work showed results on the teaching training of Rural Education teachers and the issues of relationship between teaching theory and practice.


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