Perspective education in the post-pandemic context

In addition to interrupting the lives of more than 680 thousand brazilians, in between 2020 e 2022, the Covid-19 pandemic left a particularly challenging legacy for Brazilian education, about everything, for public education systems. Evaluate the effects of this traumatic period in the field of education, discuss strategies to combat educational inequalities, deepened in this period, but also actions aimed at welcoming people and improving social coexistence in the post-pandemic context are imperative for (re)think about educational policies, the training and professional practice of teachers and administrators.

Therefore, o IV Seminar on Educational Policies and Management and the III Stricto Sensu Professional Postgraduate Congress in Education (ConProEduc), sponsored and organized by USCS PPGE and partner institutions, will have a common theme Education in Perspective in the post-pandemic context. With the purpose of providing access and participation to an increasingly broad public, the event will be held in virtual format, in the days 16, 17 e 18 of november 2022.

Our goal is to expand dialogue and encourage the exchange of experiences and knowledge produced by researchers in the field of Education., University students, teaching professionals, school administrators and leaders of public and private basic education systems.

We invite everyone to participate in this space for reflection and to enrich the debate on emerging themes and issues in the current social scenario., political and educational of Brazilian society.

The Organizing Committee

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