Call for dossier “Educational practices on borders and intersectionality” in RCH UNITAU Magazine

Submission Deadline: from 28 from april to 28 july 2023
Forecast Date of Publications: august 2023

Juliana Marcondes Bussolotti – MPE/MDH University of Taubaté – UNITAU
Luciana Magalhães – MPE University of Taubate – UNITAU
Liliane Bordignon – MPE University of Taubate – UNITAU
Suzana Lopes Salgado Ribeiro – MDH/MPE University of Taubaté – UNITAU
Vinicius de Moraes Monção – Federal Fluminense University – UFF

This is a public call for texts to compose the Dossier Educational practices on borders and intersectionality, to be published in RCH–Revista Ciências Humanas (e-ISSN 2179-1120) of the Graduate Programs in Human Development and Education at the University of Taubaté.
The proposal focuses on the concepts of border and intersectionality, which are complex and have covered discussions on the transnational dimension of educational knowledge and practices and discussions on intersectionality in Education. These discussions encompass thematic axes such as the circulation of subjects and artifacts, educational objects, book, reading, libraries, pedagogical innovation and tradition and didactic material for public education and teacher training, among others.
This dossier is linked to the FAPESP Thematic Project: Educational knowledge and practices at frontiers: for a transnational history of education (1810-…) The Project involves researchers from several higher education institutions in the State of São Paulo and researchers from other countries.. Process no. 2018/26699-4.
Based on this proposal, we hope that this dossier brings together a set of texts, research and researchers working on aspects and themes that encompass discussions about the concepts of borders and intersectionality in education from educational practices in a socio-historical and transnational perspective.

The texts must be written within the requirements of the RCH, according to the guidelines indicated at the address:
For submission, texts must be posted on the journal's platform.:
Submitted texts must be accompanied by a statement from the reviewer
There is an option to also publish a version of the text in English, spanish or french

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