Performance of the MPE faculty beyond the classroom

Professor César Augusto Eugênio, director of the Department of Pedagogy and part of the faculty of the MPE gave a lecture at an event promoted by the Pro-Rectory of Students, CHECK OUT. Representing the MEP, was invited to contribute to the topic on how to study, not just from a disciplinary perspective, but bringing broader reflections on the subject.

It was held on the day 02/09, at the Faculty of Medicine at Unitau, recently opened in the city of Caraguatatuba and was attended by medical students, interested in discussing being a doctor and researcher.

Considering that the path requires choices, “how to study” it will make sense when, consciously, be part of student life projects. So, the speech problematized the relevance of realizing that the world of studies in the academy is beyond the limits focused on pragmatic results of achieving a grade within each discipline. The training of research physicians attentive to the world in motion was addressed, launching the challenge of thinking “where I want to go” e “why get there”.


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