Professional Master's in Education promotes international seminar

The Professional Master's Degree in Education (MPE) from the University of Taubaté (UNITAU) will promote three events this week in order to establish a suitable space for the exchange and presentation of information. With the theme “Paths of education in the teaching and learning processes: reports and investigation of school reality”, The meetings aim to encourage reflection and discussion of the context experienced in schools.

To be able to apply knowledge in the best way, Master's students and professionals in Education must understand, with depth, the reality of school institutions, not only those who work, but also those spread across the country and the world. Then, having a greater understanding of the current school reality, they will be able to link students’ needs with the most appropriate methods and strategies to meet them.

The Profa. Dr. Juliana Marcondes Bussolotti, MPE coordinator, shares the importance of awareness of the contemporary educational landscape for educators. “It is important for us, education professionals, we understand how educational practice takes place in other regions and countries so that we can assess the educational reality in a context beyond Brazil”.

That said, the Master in Education promotes the 4th edition of the “International Education Seminar”. In day 7 from December, American educator Lisa Jilk will give a talk to participants on the theme “Noticing and Naming Students’ Mathematics Strengths”. Furthermore, in day 8 from December, Professor Isabela Abreu will share the role of educators in promoting equity in Education, also through a lecture.

Already on the day 9 from December, will be carried out: the “5th Meeting of Graduates” and the “3rd Meeting of Pedagogical Practices in Basic Education of the Professional Master’s Degree in Education”. The first aims to promote the exchange of experiences between graduates and master's students so that future masters understand the relevance, the applications and impacts of research carried out during postgraduate studies after the end of training. The second, provides opportunities for the circulation of knowledge among master’s students, Basic Education teachers and other researchers in the area.

The coordinator explains the importance of bringing together a diverse audience. "Us [educators] we are made up of this plural public: postgraduate students are in the process of building or finalizing their research; graduates are experiencing the construction of teaching practices based on this new role of teacher researcher; and the school community likes to learn about the activities of a University. Thus, all groups are hungry to pass and acquire knowledge about Education. Then, There’s nothing better than bringing them together annually in one space.”.

To participate in MPE events, whether as a listener or as a presenter of scientific productions, the interested party must carry out, previously, the registration in this link.  

Postgraduate at UNITAU

In 2024, the University of Taubaté will offer around 20 postgraduate courses – specializations, masters and doctorates – in-person and distance learning (EAD), covering the areas of health, of education, of management, of administration and business, of engineering, of environmental sciences, among others.

For those wishing to enroll in postgraduate courses, UNITAU has scholarships planned for partnerships, graduates and teachers of up to 25% discount, in addition to offering more than 40 scholarships for courses in the strict sense financed by the Foundation for the Coordination of Improvement of Higher Education Personnel (CAPES), which allow the exercise of paid activities during benefited studies.

Registration for postgraduate programs at the University of Taubaté is now open. More information about registration and postgraduate courses at the University of Taubaté, accessis link.

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