boy from 3 walks alone for the first time to school in São José dos Campos

With disorders that hinder their development, boy is accompanied by special and inclusive education in São José

Disclosure / Claudio Vieira / PMSJC

Little Theodoro Efraim Alves, from 3 years, took his first steps alone at the beginning of this year, at the municipal school Arlindo Caetano Filho, non-residential 31 from Marco, in the south zone of São José dos Campos.

Diagnosed with F83 – specific mixed developmental disorders, West syndrome and epilepsy –, the smiling little boy was welcomed into the neighborhood school in 2021 e, about a year later, with actions in partnership with the family and the Inclusive Special Education team, he circulates through spaces with increasingly greater autonomy.

According to the São José Department of Education, Theodoro arrived at the nursery school with difficulty supporting his head and torso and articulating his limbs., using a wheelchair and requiring interventions that stimulate their interaction, motor coordination and cognitive development.

Since then, joint work was carried out between the family, teachers, technicians from the Department of Education, health professionals and management teams, do AEE (Specialized Educational Service) and Early Childhood Education, accompanying Theodoro.

This has made a difference in the boy's development, who received support in their daily activities, adapted spaces at school, stimuli and innovations, like a parapodium, made especially for him.

The equipment, made by the carpentry team of the Department of Education and Citizenship, enabled Theo, as it is affectionately known, had more mobility, safety and comfort.


Today, students from the municipal education system begin to express themselves better, through sounds, gestures and looks, has gained new skills related to physical development and gradually conquers movements.

The boy began to sit and support his body for short periods of time, crawling and leaning on objects and walls to stand, take steps hand in hand and even walk short distances alone. The first steps took place inside the school.

“Last year I arrived at school apprehensive, asking if they would accept my son. Now, I realize that everyone, even children, They don't see my son with prejudice or differences, but take care, help and welcome Theodoro naturally. The feelings that remain are of happiness and confidence”, said Driely Souza Alves, boy's mother.

“Theo was already enrolled, had already been accepted. We held a meeting to talk to the family and understand how we could welcome and accompany him in the best way and, since then, we have worked as a team. Prejudice is not in children, They are loving and treat each other as equals, Already young, they have experiences of coexistence and socialization that they will carry with them forever.”, said Juliana Maria Aires dos Santos, pedagogical advisor at school.

“Partnership and a support network for children with disabilities is essential, with family support, getting to know the child and their particularities and, after, with all necessary actions to guarantee good conditions for students. In Theodoro's case, this partnership extended, with other resources and several people, and he developed well. Today you no longer need the parapodium, which will already be adapted for other children”, said Jamile Lopes, AEE teacher and MPE UNITAU student.



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