LIVE: I Integrated Psychology and Pedagogy Day – 14/10 e 15/10

The Faculdade Anhanguera de Taubaté promotes the I Integrated Psychology and Pedagogy Day.

In day 14/10 at 9 hours the master's student Danielle Prado Nepomuceno of the MPE class 2020 will contribute to a lecture about search: interests, motivations and importance.

In day 15/10 at 19 hours at the MPE teacher, Luciana Magalhães and Suelene Regina Donola Mendonça, will compose the inclusive wheel: story, special education organizations and perspectives.

To participate, just access the link, at the time of the event:

Suelene Regina Donola Mendonça
Luciana Magalhães


I'm interested

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