Interdisciplinarity at an International Congress

MDH-MPE teachers, from the University of Taubaté, participated in the V International Congress of ACINNET, held in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, last week (20 a 25 from May of 2019). The round table presented reflections on Interdisciplinarity, Education and the role of the University. The event had as its theme Academic Innovation linked to the social and productive world at the local and global level and discussed the role of the university and university cooperation in the face of global and local challenges of today's contemporary society and what actions should be taken., amid the adversities of everyday life, starting from the creation of creative and innovative opportunities, achieving its social function. The Congress was attended by academic managers, professors and undergraduate and graduate students and opened a space for dialogue and exchange of information about the responsibility of the academy in the face of this scenario of changes.


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