Important participation in congresses in other regions of Brazil discussing research-formation-transformation

Professor Luciana Magalhães, do ALSO, participated between August and September in two congresses, both with national and international repercussion.

The first, in partnership with professor Wanda Aguiar from PUC in São Paulo, held a mini-course at the XV National Congress of School Psychology, based in Belo Horizonte – MG. The mini-course had a full room, participants interested in knowing more about the topic that involves the dialectic of research and training in the perspective of social transformation.

In the same vein of this theme, the teacher participated in the V International Colloquium of AFIRSE (International Francophone Association for Scientific Research in Education). The theme of this edition of the event was focused on the current challenges of research. Thus, the table told, in addition to the representation of the MPE, also with researchers from the Federal University of Piauí, discussing the challenges of research-training. The event was online and enabled the participation of teachers and students of the MPE, who shared their research experiences, contributing to the discussions after the table presentation.

It's the theme, constant in both events, that involves collaborative processes in conducting research is in line with the discussions engendered in the MPE, always seeking to carry out research that contributes in a radical way to the educational realities studied.


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