Virtual Choir, teacher training and research on the use of digital resources in music education

A music educator, choir regent, pianist, composer and Master's student of the Graduate Program of the Professional Master of Education at the University of Taubaté (Unitau) Helena Xavier has developed works on digital platforms, aimed at the Virtual Choir modality, training for teachers and a research for the use of digital resources in music education with the partnership of his son Arthur (7years), of alumni and teacher-musicians. The Virtual Choirs are intergenerational and intermunicipal works, which has been carried out for the dissemination of Coral Culture in the region of Vale Paraíba and surroundings, supplying face-to-face work due to the current pandemic moment. The participating choirs are the “Cantares” Choir of the Embraer Pioneers and Veterans Association and the Municipal Choir of Caçapava, conducted by Maestro Márcio Faria and assisted by Helena Xavier in the design of the instrumental arrangements, in the production of playbacks, in the production of voice guides for the singers and in the visual design of the videos.

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