Students and teachers participate in Seminar on Ethics and Research

Masters students and teachers - MPE and MDH - participated in the XIII Ethics Seminar and were able to follow explanations about the functioning of the Ethics Committee's virtual room (POCKET), developed by the EITA UNITAU team. No event, the faculty and students were instructed on the procedures for submitting research in the country.

The Profa. Ma. Leonor M. Santana presented the tutorial that aims to facilitate the process of researchers submitting their projects in the electronic system created by the Federal Government, to Platform Brazil.

The Ethics Committee is of great importance for research. “He plays an advisory role and, in particular, educational role, in addition to promoting the discussion of the ethical aspects of research on human beings in the community ”explained Simone Piccini, CEP secretary. To fulfill this role, the Committee conducts, every year, the Ethics Seminar.

Banner of the XIII Research Ethics Seminar


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