2º Meeting of the Study and Research Group Work and Teacher Training – Nuclei of meaning in the historical-dialectical perspective

In a perspective of interinstitutional rapprochement, two Graduate Programs in Education held a discussion on Nucleus of Meaning: MPE-UNITAU and PPGE from Univille (Joinville, SC). The Profa. Luciana Magalhães was invited to a lecture on the theme: Meaning Nucleus in the historical-dialectical perspective, that happened virtually, day 13 of April, at the 2nd GETRAFOR Meeting (Study and Research Group Teaching Work and Training), with the participation of graduate masters and doctors, master's students, graduates, CI scholarship holders and Program teachers. The two programs are partners and carry out research together in an important project funded by CAPES, which studies the impacts of the pandemic on basic education. The mediation of the discussion was organized by Prof.. Aliciene Cordeiro, from Univille, already forwarding the next meeting of the groups in the second semester, now here at UNITAU.


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