MPE - Qualification and Defense Stands - April/2016

08/04/2016 at 10 am – Qualification/PRPPG – Acts Room

“Social representations in early childhood education in/from the countryside by teachers and students’ mothers, in a city in the Vale do Paraíba Paulista”

Student: Celia Gomez Sardinha da Silva

teachers: Edna Chamon, Marcia Maria Dias Reis Pacheco and Marilia Andrade Torales Campos


18/04/2016 out of 9h – Defense/PRPPG – Acts Room

“Beginner Teachers of the Municipal Education Network: insertion, challenges and needs”

Student: Joseane Amancio Pinto

teachers: Ana Maria Gimenes Correa Calil, Neusa Banhara Ambrosetti and Patricia Albieri


20/04/2016 at 10 am – Defense/PRPPG – Acts Room

"Literacy: interdisciplinary challenge for teaching reading and writing from the perspective of literacy teachers”

Student: Joara Aparecida Ribeiro Schran Gil

teachers: Mariana Aranha, Ana Maria dos Reis Taino and Maria José Eras Guimarães


29/04/2016 at 2 pm – Defense/PRPPG – Acts Room

“Building inclusive practices in Elementary School I: the teacher's voice

Student: Luciana de Oliveira Rocha Magalhães

teachers: Suelene Regina Donola Mendonça, Roseli Albino dos Santos and Wanda Maria Junqueira Aguiar


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